About Program

Today’s interconnected world makes everyone more susceptible to cyber-attacks. Whether you’re attracted to the relativity new world of cybersecurity as a professional, or just interested in protecting yourself online and in social media, the proper study is the answer. For instance, you’ll learn how to protect your privacy online while gaining additional insight into the challenges companies, and governmental and educational institutions face today. With such a highly volatile environment of the digital world, demand for cybersecurity engineers is also raised.

To fulfil sophisticated and continuously evolving cybersecurity trends which are aimed to provide security over sensitive data, the Department of Computer Engineering at TCET introduces B.E. in Cyber Security course. TCET goes beyond an introduction to Cyber Security by offering a comprehensive curriculum to produce the next generation of Cyber Security experts. This course will help students to pursue their careers in cybersecurity which will help them to possess the required skillset to protect valuable, sensitive data and also to predict future vulnerabilities and get industry-ready. 

The basic level syllabus includes the required skill set to perform research in the cybersecurity area. Advanced concepts include a thorough understanding of the cutting-edge technologies, recent tools to become a skilled professional in the cybersecurity area. It explores cyber trends, threats—along with the broader topic of cybersecurity in a way that will matter to YOU. While gaining this knowledge, past incidents of fraud, security breaches will give students insights about the area and countermeasures for the same.

The Objectives of the course are:

1. To make students acquainted with fundamental knowledge of cybersecurity to protect and predict possible security breaches in to the computer systems and networks.

2. To upgrade students in the field of cybersecurity by imparting new technological tools and techniques.

3. To make students nationally and globally competent to serve society by helping organizations to overcome security threats.

4. To enhance the learning experience with good educational and human values.

Internal Faculty Expertise 

Dr. Deven Shah


Dr. R.R Sedamkar

Professor, IQAC Director NAAC & HOD - PhD Programs

Dr Harshali Patil

Associate Professor & HOD-COMP Dept

Dr Anand Khandare

Associate Professor, Dy. HOD-COMP Dept

Mrs Vidyadhari Singh

Assistant prof. COMP TCET

Mrs Veena Kulkarni

Assistant Prof. COMP TCET

Mrs Jesal Varolia

Assistant Prof. COMP TCET

BE Computer Science & Engineering (Cyber Security)  - Academic Year: 2021-2022