About Program

With the advent of technological changes in last two decades, the branch of Computer Engineering
offshooted into a specialization in the form of Information Technology in year 2000. Now, extensive
research in the area of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Data Science (DS) has led to super specialisation of
Computer Engineering which has emerged as a branch in itself and shall be offered in the form of B.Tech.
(AI and Data Science). The integration of AI & DS is going to create a revolutionary change in the coming decade and
provide opportunities for budding engineers. The scale and volume of these two technologies is
emphasized below.

Thus, the department of Computer Engineering at TCET introduces B.Tech. programme in AI & DS. 
Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech.) degree makes student more skill oriented whereas Bachelor of
Engineering (B.E.) degree focuses on core and mathematical foundation. The B.Tech. course is designed
such that it has combination of Computer Engineering and emerging technological area with industry
connect curriculum and at the same time keeping opportunity open for research and development. The
speciality of the program is blending of Academia with Industry through one semester internship in
Industry or working on a live project at the Institute. We try to be more agile and intend to prepare
Industry skill oriented professionals through this B.Tech. programme.

The Objectives of the course are:
 To impart fundamental knowledge in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Data Science.
 To develop skills with emerging tools and techniques of Artificial Intelligence and integrate with
Data Science process.
 To impart knowledge with Industry perspective so that domain specific projects can be carried
out with societal impact.
 To identify the problems for research and develop research research strategies in Artificial
Intelligence and Data Science.
 To enrich learning experience through holistic educational for professional and all round


          Mr. Suraj G. Singh
            Data Scientist & BI Analytics Lead
            Dufresne Spencer Group, Austin, Texas

Mr. Abhinav Garole

Associate- TresVista

Lotus Corporate Park, Goregaon(E), Mumbai

Alumini Expert in Data Science

Internal Faculty Expertise 

Dr. R. R. Sedamkar


Dr. Sheetal Rathi


Dr. Harshali Patil 


Dr. Anand Khandare


Dr. Meghrani Patil


Dr. Rashmi Thakur


Mrs. Shiwani Gupta


B.Tech. Artificial Intelligence and Data Science  - Academic Year: 2020-2021